FLAN-T5 was released in the paper Scaling Instruction-Finetuned Language Models - it is an enhanced version of T5 that has been fine-tuned in a mixture of tasks.

Intended Use

Flan-T5 is intended to be used as a conversational AI assistant, capable of answering questions, providing explanations, and engaging in interactive dialogue with users. It can also assist in generating text, such as creative writing, summaries, or translations, while maintaining coherence and fluency.


Flan-T5 has been trained on a diverse range of data and can generally generate relevant and coherent responses. It exhibits good performance in understanding context, answering questions, and providing explanations. It can generate creative and contextually appropriate text based on user prompts.


Flan-T5 is fine-tuned on a large corpus of text data that was not filtered for explicit content or assessed for existing biases. As a result, the model itself is potentially vulnerable to generating equivalently inappropriate content or replicating inherent biases in the underlying data.


For more information visist the following link - https://huggingface.co/docs/transformers/model_doc/flan-t5
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