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Our Global Crowd is a worldwide online community, uniting individuals from 100+ countries, speaking 120+ languages, and spanning five continents. We excel in delivering high-quality solutions, tailored to your specific requirements, at any scale.

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Crowd Capabilities
1. Access responsibly obtained datasets suitable for any application, enabling a swift launch of your AI project.
2. Generate precise data efficiently by leveraging a crowd capable of swift data annotation across text, video, images, dicom, lidar and audio formats, saving you valuable time.
3. Select your preferred document transcription method, whether it's documents, images of documents, or website content. Benefit from our secure, precise, and prompt transcription services..
4. Assessing the naturalness and relevance of text generated by NLP models, our crowd of multilingual specialists ensure quality and effectiveness.
5. Acquire data for speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language understanding purposes. Whatever you need, our crowd will deliver accordingly.
6. Conduct validation across an unmatched variety of real-world model use cases and demographics.
Our Crowd Code of Ethics
1 We guarantee fair pay for our global contributors, striving for above-minimum wage compensation and providing opportunities for professional growth. This commitment is integral to our Code of Ethics and benefits our Crowd and communities.
2 Our mission to advance AI relies on fostering diversity and inclusivity, providing opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities..
3 At Wow AI, every voice matters, and feedback from our community drives our continuous improvement. We embrace the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model in web3, empowering our community.
4 We collect crowd information solely for project purposes and take precautions to safeguard it. We do not share private data with third parties without consent.
5 Our expertise comprises a global crowd of over 170k skilled contributors proficient in 120+ languages and dialects, spanning 5 continents.
6 We value clear and responsive communication with our crowd, committing to a 24-hour response time.
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