About Us

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Wow AI focuses on delivering the highest quality of AI training data for a better AI algorithm

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Become an all-in-one platform for all AI data services at a global scale

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A close-knit and trustworthy collection of global crowds Tech-driven mindsets

Contact us to see how can we help you with AI initiative


Thanks to our unique way of crowd management, all of our contributors get answers instantly while working on projects; consequently we can deliver the highest quality AI data


With a crowd of over 100,000+ skilled freelancers locating around the global, we can handle any large- scale projects


One of our advantages is competitive pricing. You can save a lot of money if you choose us

Why use our global workforce


The quality of AI data depends on the people who collect and annotate it, so we make sure to support every single resource 24/7 so that they can deliver the highest - quality data.


Crowdsourcing Ethics

Resources are paid competitively in accordance with their average living standard


Qualified, Global and Diverse

Our global workforce is adequately skilled and trained carefully on a daily basis to provide you with the level of excellence


Legal Compliance

We handle all legal and compliance requirements of our global workforce


We invest in knowledge

Learning is exciting. It is one of company values we value the most. We have employee knowledge budget which can be spent on continuous...