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Data Transcription

Image Transcription
Audio Transcription
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Data Annotation

Image Annotation
Entity Annotation
Video Annotation

Data Collection

Audio Data Collection
Image Data Collection
Utterances Collection

Our crowd management

The quality of AI data depends on the people who collect and annotate it, so we make sure to support every single resource 24/7 so that they can deliver the highest-quality data.

What our global workforce reviews about us

We build a strong relationship with them to support them perform properly with the best quality.

I started my first transcription job with Waw Asia Corp - Wow AI. Staffs are very friendly and helpful, and the platform is very easy to use for a beginner like me.
Wow AI is the best outsourcing company so far. Best rate, best support, best co workers.
- Indonesian Transcriptionist.
They are very supportive towards its workers/freelancers with its quick responses.They are transparent, all the people from the management was nice friendly and helpful.
- English Transcriptionist

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Some of our Noticeable Projects

Audio Recording & Transcription

14000 audio hours of 14 languages (transcription), 18000 audio hours of recording for 6 languages; etc.

Audio & Video Annotation

108m frames of video annotation for a big automotive client, 1200 audio hours of audio annotation in 6 languages, etc.

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Which industries are AI solutions used for

AI helps the government to ease the burden

AI has the potential to help ease the burden through resources optimization, smarter cities, traffic congestion relief, improved citizen well-being and education. Here are some use cases:
  • Conversational AI: chatbot, call center assistant to answer all citizens' questions
  • Compliance tracking
  • Gather traffic information and make traffic systems smarter

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How AI can help with manufacturing processes?

AI is vital from product engineering and supply chain management to logistics and circular management:

  • Self driving vehicles development
  • Maintenance and quality inspection
  • Product design

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AI in the banking and finance industry?

Overall, AI can identify potentially fraudulent transactions more swiftly and accurately than traditional methods relying on human staff. Here are some use cases:
  • Conversational AI: chatbot, call center assistant
  • Fraud detection, risk management
  • KYC support: confirm customer identity easier by AI

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AI is increasingly a part of our healthcare ecosystem.

Some use cases in the healthcare industry: 
  • AI helps to detect diseases at early stage
  • Cognitive technology unlocks vast amounts of health data and powers diagnosis
  • AI improves patient outcomes

We have a huge database of patients with different types of diseases in different formats. Contact us to see how we can help you with your AI training model in the medical industry.

How will AI change e-commerce?

Here are the top use cases:

  • Personalized Services such as website personalization, recommendation systems
  • Conversational AI for chatbot, call center assistants
  • Supply Chain management: damage detection, predictive maintenance, inventory planning

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