About the Hackathon
Worldwide AI Hackathon is a flagship event hosted by Wow AI in which talented teams of students from top global AI universities, as well as developers, data scientists and AI enthusiasts from global corporations meet to join challenges designed by top AI thought-leaders who are AI executives from more than 30 tech giants and large corporations, including Google, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Qualcomm, Mastercard, Samsung, Oxford Brookes, Stanford, Deloitte, Accenture, Apple, Siemens, AstraZeneca, USA Air Force, Meta and many others. Our mission is to empower AI talents by challenging them to solve the toughest problems and motivate them to turn their ideas into complete products and commercialize them.
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Why you should compete in
Worldwide AI Hackathon
Toughest challenges in
the AI industry
Designed by top AI executives from more than 30 tech giants and prestigious universities. Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Samsung, SAP, Oxford Brookes, Stanford and many others!
Up to US$500K
Total Cash Prizes
for Top Winners
Up to US$500K cash prizes in total! The Worldwide AI Hackathon will award first, second, and third-place prizes.
Compete with
global AI talents
Seize the chance to compete against participants from prestigious universities and top tech enterprises.
Free access to the super
supportive platform
Kick off your project with free access to our built-in tools from image/video data crawling and annotation to a model training environment. Support any type of framework!
Career opportunities
Grab the opportunity to leverage your profile and get hired by our partner corporations
Incubation for winning projects
Get funded, and receive support from the whole AI community in the upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Product commercialization
Commercialize final output via the form of IP-NFTs. More information about this will be updated during the hackathon
Early access to
airdrop tokens
Get airdrop tokens of the upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the global AI community. More information on the project will be provided soon.
How to enter as contestants
  1. You can register and log in for the Worldwide AI Hackathon on this page.
  2. Once you log in, you can invite your team of NO MORE than 5 members by adding their emails. Simply post a #find_a_team topic in the forum if you are a solo participant and you want to find a team mate.
  3. Check the competition board to click Join. Your team will be assigned mentors for support.
  4. Build your products.
  5. Submit your output before the due date.
  6. Wait for the result from our judges, which will be announced around May 2023.
  7. Present your project at the final round in the USA in Jun 2023. We will cover all costs for top winners to come here.
(to be updated)
  • Registration:
    Dec 2022
  • Output Submission:
    April 2023
  • Judging Period:
    April - May 2023
  • Demo and Result:
    June 2023
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The Incredible Judges
Patrick Bangert
Vice President of AI, Samsung SDS
Vinesh Sukumar
Senior Director, Head of AI/ML Product Management, Board member, Qualcomm
Ali Arsanjani
Director of Cloud Partner Engineering, Google Cloud, Former CTO, IBM
Gulshan Kharbanda
Director of Customer Engineering, Google
Nestor Camilo
CAPS Director, Oracle
Aamar Hussain
Director of Azure Data, AI Microsoft
Steven Astorino
VP of Development, Data and AI and Canada Lab Director, IBM
Andreas Welsch
Vice President of AI, SAP
Sundaravadivelan Ramamoorthy
Global Assets Lead for Cloud First/Data & AI, Accenture
Mazhar Hussain
VP, Executive Leader AI, ML, Analytics, Cloud IoT, Siemens
Armando Cabrera
AI Flight Chief - USAF/MIT AI Technology Accelerator, United States Air Force
Ola Olude-Afolabi
AI PM & Administrator, The U.S. Department of Commerce
Nikolay Burlutskiy
Director of AI, AstraZeneca
Mohamed Lemine Beydia
AI & Data Science Manager, Deloitte
Vayum Arora
AI/ML Product Manager, Apple
Zakia Rahman
MD, FAAD, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Chair, Stanford University School of Medicine
Fabio Cuzzolin
Director of Visual AI Lab, Oxford Brookes University
Karthikeyan Ponnalagu
Engineering Director, AI & Data Analytics, American Express
Jose Castellanos Molina
Business Technology Lead, IBM Client Engineering, IBM Mexico
Noelle Silver
Founder, AI Leadership Institute, AI Executive, IBM, MVP of AI, Microsoft
Thomas Neubert
General Manager DB/AI Acceleration, Intel Corporation
Pablo Eduardo Jofré Ortega
Data Lead - AI & Data Exploitation, Walmart
Karamjit Singh
Director of Artificial Intelligence, Mastercard
Shirsha Ray Chaudhuri
Director of Engineering - TR Labs, Thomson Reuters
Adrián González Sánchez
Principal Specialist - Cloud, Data & AI for Public Sector, Microsoft
David von Dollen
Former Head of AI, Volkswagen, Vice President of Data Science, GridMatrix
Raphael Ballet
Machine Learning Engineer, Meta
Sai Prasath
Chief Artificial Intelligence Specialist, T-Mobile
Naincy Jain
Senior Data Scientist, Airbus
Rory Terrell
Research Fellow, European Space Agency
Joaquín I Villagra Pacheco
Probabilistic Forecasting Latam Leader, MERCADO LIBRE
More Leaders Coming Soon!
Become A Mentor

Worldwide AI Hackathon is looking for mentors who will guide and support our contestants.

Mentors could be anyone from experienced AI executives, product owners, teachers, to tech gurus. Sign up to join us!

Thank you to our generous sponsors for contributing to the prize pool and making this awesome event a reality!