Why Worldwide AI Webinar is a must-attend AI conference
As we move forward in time, artificial intelligence’s penetration into our work and lives is to only increase. Henceforth, it becomes essential with the clock to grasp the best utilization of the technology for universal betterment. Tech conferences are the right places to extend this very vision. 
Since 2020, virtual conferences provide techies, enthusiasts, and domain experts an opportunity to come together in one place and exchange ideas and thoughts! 
Let’s discover why you should attend AI conferences, especially this ALL-FREE Worldwide AI Webinar
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Time zones: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM New York Time
Date: 29-30 September, 2022
Language: English 
Attendance fee: No fee charged, ALL FREE

What an AI conference can bring to you

Great Way of Networking

It seems a bit difficult for everyone to connect with each other in physical events. However, this barrier gets eliminated in the webinars. People can ask questions, participate in polls, and take part in other activities. This is a great way of engaging with others, learning and growing.

Great Source of Knowledge & Upskilling

The biggest benefits of attending webinars are gaining knowledge and upskilling. Webinars are great resources of information. The way content is explained in a webinar is much more intimate than it could ever conceivably be in other kinds of presentations.
These are like personal sessions where you can easily share your feedback, ask questions, and get engaged with arbitrarily large audiences all at once. This is what makes webinars unique forms of sessions. 

Learning From Industry Experts

One of the major benefits of webinars is that it does not limit your learning. You can attend whatever session you want and at any time from any part of the globe. You are not limited to just gaining knowledge from your country. You can learn from industry experts all around the world. This makes webinars one of the best ways of updating your knowledge and upskilling yourself. 

Lifetime Access to the Learnings

After attending a webinar, you can easily access all the information with the help of recordings. You just need to play the recording and you get access to the full event. It seems like you are attending the webinar again and again and can polish your skills.
These are some benefits of webinars. Therefore, if you want to enhance your knowledge and polish your career counseling skills, attending the webinar could help you out.

Why Worldwide AI Webinar is a must-attend AI conference

Worldwide AI Webinar is brought to you by Wow AI - a global provider of high-quality AI training data. with a view to gather all the best AI researchers and practitioners and promote a stronger network of AI and Machine Learning professionals around the world.

1. Experience 3D Immersive Platform

Our immersive 3D virtual event is interactive, with visually stimulating 3D graphics providing an environment you can explore and experience. For example, our immersive 3D virtual event can mimic a real conference, where attendees move around the various areas of the event space, all with live or recorded content and options to set up meetings or see 3D product demos. You can easily visit:

2. Join The Global AI Community 

More than 20 AI experts bring the best of AI theory and practice to the stages, presenting the most important business issues that can be solved using the power of AI. 

3. Deepen Your Understanding Of AI 

Listen to the world's foremost experts from tech giants introduce the new age’s technological marvels.

4. Tackle Your Business Challenges With AI Experts 

Take your place at Worldwide AI Webinar and you can learn from some of the most influential decision-makers from 5 continents, who have already seen the potential of AI-powered business, and how to implement best practices for your business to solve your toughest problems.

5. Exclusive Access To Contest And Prizes 

All attendees will be invited to a monthly contest designed by top tech giants, with a chance to win at least $10k in prizes plus a plaque of recognition.