VPs and Directors at Google, SAP, Microsoft, Standard Chartered and Oracle to round out Challenges and Solutions for Adopting AI & ML in Enterprises
AI undoubtedly has been revolutionizing how businesses work. There is an increasing number of businesses that are ready to invest in AI to evolve their products and operations. In at least one operational function, 50% of organizations have already adopted AI, according to a McKinsey report. An Accenture annual report stated that 75% of worldwide CEOs believe that if they don't expand AI, their companies run the risk of going out of business in five years.
However, implementing AI is far from easy. It’s a long journey with many trials and challenges, which aren’t always technology or production-centric but can involve human resources, work culture, and readiness to change. Businesses are required to do constant testing, come up with a detailed strategy and find timely solutions to solve the problems. 
One of the best ways to approach AI/ML adoption in your enterprise is to learn from the successful cases and get advice from the leaders of organizations that have integrated AI into their businesses. 
In the upcoming Worldwide AI Webinar, five directors and vice presidents of AI from five enterprises that are prime examples of AI adoption will get together in a panel discussion to talk about Challenges and Solutions for Adopting AI & ML in Your Enterprises.
Let’s get to know them.

About the panelists

Ali Arsanjani, Director of Cloud Partner Engineering at Google Cloud

Ali Arsanjani specializes in AI/ML, Data/Analytics, enabling integration, building and running on the Google Cloud Platform, and enabling strategic co-innovation with ISVs and GSIs.
He was the Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Analytics & Machine Learning at IBM for 20 years, where he was in charge of architectural implementations and led IBM services teams in customized machine learning and analytics solutions. Ali Arsanjani, considered the father of SOA, was known for assembling teams from various geographies to develop large-scale agile solutions.
He went on to become Amazon Web Services' Head of Machine Learning and WW Tech Leader. Dr. Arsanjani developed reference architectures and patterns that span multiple scenarios and oversaw a specialized research team of applied scientists, engineers, and product managers for cutting-edge AI prototyping.
His deep learning ensemble models, anomaly/outlier/pattern detection and training, customer segmentation/churn/upsell analysis, and voice/video and text analysis for conversational virtual assistant implementations are all part of his ML and DL expertise.

Andreas Welsch, Vice President and Head of Marketing & Solutions Management - Artificial intelligence at SAP

Having worked at SAP for the past 11 years, Andreas Welsch is now the company’s Vice President and Head of Marketing & Solution Management — Artificial Intelligence. In June 2022, he was selected as one of the top 50 AI experts and thought leaders by SwissCognitive. 
A true expert in the field, Andreas is passionate about helping educate customers and business leaders on what AI truly is and how one can implement it into their work seamlessly and effectively. He is currently the host of a bi-weekly Livestream called What’s The Buzz on LinkedIn where he invites AI leaders and hands-on industry experts to come and share their experiences, as well as teaching the audience to set up and scale AI.

Aamar Hussain - Director of Azure Data at Microsoft

Aamar Hussain is a passionate advocate of Data & AI, helping enterprises lead, build and inspire with their Data and AI strategy and digital transformation, with a focus on getting the solid foundations in place for enterprise Data and AI and then able to scale and build a value-driven capability enabling innovation and growth. 
He is currently a senior leader within the Microsoft Azure customer success business, responsible for Data & AI cloud solutions architects. The Data & AI CSA team's mission is to empower customer value and realization using Azure Data & AI portfolio.
Aamar holds an MSc in Information Systems with over 18 years of industry experience centered around engineering, consulting, and enterprise solution architecture in a variety of verticals working with Accenture, BT, and DXC. Prior to Microsoft, Aamar led the Contact Centre AI practice at Google working with key strategic customers and partners to create and execute on customer experience transformation vision using Google AI/ML.

Vijay Jairaj - Head, CFCC Data Management Risk – Responsible AI at Standard Chartered Bank

As the head of Data Management Risk and Responsible AI at Standard Chartered, Vijay sets global standards and policies for the use of AI in an ethical manner across the bank’s presence in more than 50 countries. This involves scanning for AI-related regulations and guidance across jurisdictions, analyzing and managing the impact on the bank so that business teams can leverage the use of AI in a safe manner, and establishing the supporting governance structures to ensure sustainable risk management.
This is accomplished by working with diverse internal teams across the three lines of defense in the bank, regulators, and industry bodies globally, to learn and educate about the risks of AI, champion the responsible use of AI, and also provide inputs on upcoming AI related guidance or regulations in various countries.
Vijay Jairaj has obtained an M.S.c in Finance at London Business School and has dedicated nearly 13 years at Standard Chartered Bank.

Nestor Camilo - Cloud Adoption Director at Oracle

With 37 years of experience in IT with a special focus on Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Smart City, Big Data, IoT, and CyberSecurity, Nestor Camilo is a certified expert in the field.
Now taking on the role of Cloud Adoption Director for Public Sector organization in Oracle Latin America, he is helping customers in their journal to cloud with best practices, problem resolution, governance of their contract, and identifying new workloads that can be migrated or developed in OCI & [email protected] 
In his career, he has done many things related to IT including roles of Developer, DB administrator, networking administration, Presales, Consulting, Product Management, and Sales Management.
Nestor Camilo has a knack for investigating and understanding issues and innovating other industry solutions to design creative solutions to initial problems. His latest area of research is Applied AI.
At the event, these AI experts will provide their insights into the tough challenges that enterprises are facing when adopting AI/ML, the common processes to assess solutions, and what enterprise executives push back on when it comes to adopting cutting-edge technology.
Join these top-industry professionals to grasp how you can identify challenges and find solutions when adopting AI to your business at Worldwide AI Webinar happening on September 29-30.
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