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Any application development project requires rigorous testing before the product is out in the market. AI-powered applications are not an exception.
As AI systems are being integrated into almost every aspect of our life, from helping with diagnosis, financial trading, and customer services to enabling driverless cars, it’s essential to make sure they are properly formulated and tested thoroughly. 
Just like with any other projects, AI-enabled tools also include iterative design, development, testing, and delivery phases.
David Colwell, VP of AI/ML at Tricentis, is joining Worldwide AI Webinar to walk you through testing an AI and testing with AI beyond the validation data.

About the speaker

Having been in the AI industry for 13 years and running AI teams for the last 4 years, David Colwell is a technically skilled and innovative expert. He has a track record of creating innovative solutions to meet customer and internal stakeholder requirements. His expertise in AI is focused on areas of Quality Assurance, Test automation, test practice, and development.
David found his passion in the world of testing after starting his career with a data entry job. Over the years he has worked in testing, mentoring, leading test teams, and developing testing practices. He has worked from startups to large tier 1 organizations before finding his home at Tricentis.
After joining Tricentis in 2016, Mr. Colwell worked to create Tricentis Artificial Intelligence division, a division focused on making it easier for test professionals to do their work. As the co-inventor of the Vision AI product, He has deep experience in developing, testing, and deploying Machine Learning and neural networks to production, along with all the fun that entails.
David Colwell will be bringing his passion and expertise to Worldwide AI Webinar this September 29-30. 
Join the event to learn more about Testing an AI and Testing with AI - going beyond the validation data from David Colwell: https://event.wow-ai.com/worldwideAI2022/