David von Dollen shares his thoughts on AI in Automotive
The vehicle has long been seen as the pinnacle of technical development, dating back to the early days of science fiction. The reality is that the automotive industry's aspiration has grown much faster than its actual development. Through integrated advancements across auto brands, artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually changing the way that cars are made.
The impact of AI to the automotive industry over the coming decade cannot be overstated and will increase as AI investment and development increase. The application cases for AI in the automotive industry are some of the most fascinating that the world will ever see, ranging from helping drivers in an emergency to driving monitoring and risk management to boost road safety to someday driving the cars for us.
Soon, AI in the automotive sector won't just be a novelty or a whim of affluent customers. Manufacturers will be compelled to adopt these technologies not just in the vehicle cockpits but also on the production and service lines due to the proliferation of the Internet of Things, consumer preferences, and the need to discover cost-saving measures in the manufacturing process.
Automotive brands will also have to cooperate with manufacturers of sensors and ultrasonic solutions and IT companies providing software for AI. The prime examples are the collaboration between BMW, Intel and Mobileye and Bosch and Volkswagen. A dependable partner who recognizes the potential of AI and knows how to harness its power to create the car of the future is the key to success for companies in this industry.
But don't take our words for it.
Hear what the Head of AI at one of the most prestigious car brands in the world, Volkswagen has to say about AI in the automotive industry.
We are pleased to welcome David von Dollen, Head of AI at Volkswagen, to the Worldwide AI Webinar. He will present his first-hand knowledge of how the automotive sector is utilizing AI in the creation of vehicles at the event.
David von Dollen is responsible for overall strategy, technical architecture, and design, and project management for A.I. research and applications development for The Volkswagen Group Regional Competency Center in North and South America.
In a brief initial interview, David shared with us his journey before coming on board with Volkswagen. While working at a financial services firm, he stumbled across the AI research about improvements that deep neural networks brought about published by Geoffrey Hinton's group started publishing some improvements they had using deep neural networks.
The publication kicked off his fascination with AI and led him to take a Data Science certificate training at the University of Washington. David then went on to do a Master's program in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology before becoming a Ph.D. candidate at Leiden University where he focuses on quantum computing and AI as well as taking on the role of Head of AI at Volkswagen.
On his passion for AI, David stated:
"I think throughout the course of my career, my mission is generally to use AI and data science for good to build products that improve people's lives."
David will also answer the burning question of how close we really are to Artificial General Intelligence or AGI and if LaMDA has in fact showcased sentient behaviors.
These are only a small fraction of what David von Dollen will discuss at the Worldwide AI Webinar.
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