Veeresh Shringari on AI’s role in Telecom customer journey
In this Worldwide AI Webinar session, Veeresh Shringari, Senior AI/ML Consultant at Amazon Web Services walked the audience through the telecom customer journey and the role AI plays in it. 
The whole session will be available to watch on demand shortly.

Key takeaways

Obstacles of AI/ML adoption in Telecommunications

As stated by Veeresh, the telecom operators are grappling with a huge problem at the back-end. 
Since we’ll be having over 2000 parameters per 5G node and each operation is getting 50 times more complex than before, the digital transformation is very much happening and telecom operators and communication service providers (CSP) will need to adapt AI/ML to solve the upcoming challenges.
However, AI/ML adoption in telecom isn’t without any obstacles. Mr. Shringari listed out the following four challenges:
A 2018 Interop survey pointed out that infrastructure is the biggest problem in AI/ML adoption. AI talents also pose as an obstable to overcome as cited by McKinsey.
Then, data accounts for the next two complications. Veeresh highlighted the importance of making data discoverable over merely storing them. Additionally, he emphasized that data preparation, which is time-consuming, expensive, manual and ineffecient, accounted for 80% of the work. Therefore, tools are being developed and used to decrease the preparation time. 

Benefits and use cases of technology in business

One of the key use cases of technology in business as detailed by Veeresh Shringari is visual voicemail. Customer voicemail calls can automatically be transcribed and the output text sent via text message to the target recipient, which is a value-added service provided by some CSPs. This helps make voicemail more accessible for sensory impaired individuals. Some benefits obtained from this include:
Then, he talked about Alexa for Care Solution. As Amazon has witnessed, customers want access to brands whenever and wherever they are, whether they are at home or in the retail stores. The challenge for Amazon was figuring out how to remove friction from at home or mobile interactions with Customer Care. They came up with the following solutions:
Veeresh Shringari discussed a few more use cases of technology in business, particularly at Amazon Web Services so check out his session to learn more.

The future trends

In his personal point of view, facilitate horizontal spread will be an upcoming trend for CSP to look out for. The challenge that might come with this is the need of fast and wide data availability. Veeresh suggested that to deal with this problem, the telecom industry should work with automotive, healthcare or finance domains to offer hybrid AI solution taking advantage of 5G.
A couple of other trends he mentioned is multimodal services which might enable transduce touch, sense, smell and sound through communication and remote services, which will solve the problem of technology not reaching remote areas in the world. 
Overall, the AI wave in telecom has enhanced customer purchasing habits, offered new channels for customer satisfaction, and given service providers new sources of income. AI plays an essential role in telecom customer journey and this is a space to be on the lookout for!