U.S. Department of Commerce’s Data Scientist Addresses Using AI and Data to Provide Solutions for the Government and Federal Agencies
Investing in AI has enormous advantages for the public sector, including federal, state, and municipal governments. AI has the ability to improve productivity, control expenses, advance research, and spur economic growth for companies.
According to a 2021 KPMG survey, 61% of government decision-makers claim that AI is at least somewhat functional in their companies, and 79% of them think that AI will increase bureaucratic efficiency.
In a recent interview with Wow AI as part of the Worldwide AI Webinar 2022, Dr. Ola Olude-Afolabi, the Data Scientist at the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) and the AI Product Manager of the AI Center for Excellence at the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), detailed how the US government is planning to use AI and Data to provide solutions for other federal agencies as well as the private and public sectors.
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About the speaker

Awarded Woman of Distinction by the National Association of Distinguished Professionals and the OCIO Bronze Medal Award by DOC, Ola is an AI systems and emerging technologies expert. At NTIS, she evaluates pioneering approaches and platforms in data innovations and AI that will address federal data priorities by advancing the use of data as a strategic asset to achieve mission outcomes and support evidence-based policies.
At NTIS, Ola evaluates pioneering approaches and platforms in data innovations and AI that will address Federal data priorities by advancing the use of data as a strategic asset to achieve mission outcomes and support evidence-based policies; transforming and optimizing supply chains using data science capabilities; promoting data governance and standardization; and creating new capabilities for data discovery, data set search, and interoperability to connect and derive new insights for predictive analytics and prescriptive actions. 

The Joint Venture Partner (JVP) program

Having operated since 1988, NTIS has evolved over the years and morphed into creating innovations and AI solutions. Once considered the best-kept secret, they are now open for business.
With the new JVP program, NTIS aims to offer the US government and its citizens solutions to pressing matters such as cybersecurity, fraud & anomaly detection, and enterprise data governance. 
With a detailed five-step process including Ideate, Conceptualize, Propose, Partner, and Implement, the program’s purpose is to collaborate with partners for innovation, skills acceleration, and invoicing burden reduction. What’s more, there will be a whiteboarding session where the agency will meet with all JVPs to answer their questions before proceeding to obtain a clearer picture of the targeted group.

How the program is a game changer

Dr. Olude-Afolabi specifically emphasized the importance of responsible AI, which is a core principle of the JVP program.
“From what I’ve experienced, AI is a transformative and disruptive technology. It will be around for a long time because of the creative solutions that are being implemented. The developers' intent is to make the solutions better, which might influence the performance of the AGI. However, if human intervention is designed with this system, then the AGI should be controlled. AI should be transparent. It should be accountable. We should look into responsible AI resources.”
While AI and data have been at the forefront, protecting citizens remains the nation’s top priority. Therefore, DOC encourages other corporate entities to keep financial data and confidential information safe and secure by joining the JVP program.
When asked about how the United States is the leading example for other countries regarding new data and privacy laws, Dr. Olude-Afolabi shared that the DOC is developing and implementing multiple frameworks on ethics, risk management, and responsible AI. Based on that, the agency shall provide comprehensive guidance for any partners looking to integrate new technologies into their business with the utmost transparency and prudence. 
Moreover, the U.S. government is following Executive Order 13960, which implements responsible AI systems and makes sure that all of their AI systems are responsible, transparent, fair, and equitable.
“So in that sense, we're not only leading the way for other federal agencies in the US, we're also leading the way for the world.”
Dr. Ola Olude-Afolabi will be a keynote speaker at Worldwide AI Webinar this upcoming September 29-30. Should you hope to learn more about how data and AI are changing the landscape for the U.S., don’t miss her talk about NTIS – A Pathway for Data Innovation and AI in the U.S. Federal Government. 
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