Top 10 In-Demand Crowdsourcing Jobs In The Philippines
If you are looking for a remote job or freelance work in the Philippines, a crowdsourcing job is an ideal option. Here’re the top 10 in-demand crowdsourcing jobs in the Philippines you can apply for. 
The rise of technology, especially artificial intelligence, and machine learning, accompanied by COVID-19, has changed the way we work forever. Over the last few decades, the number of companies offering crowdsourcing jobs for Filipinos is increasing, with a numerous range of fields for talents from entry to senior level.
In this article, we will find out what crowdsourcing jobs are, the advantages of crowdsourcing jobs you can benefit from, and a list of 10 growing crowdsourcing jobs for Filipinos talents you can easily apply.

What exactly is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing involves the work, opinions, and activities of many people around the organization. They would submit their ideas and micro-tasks such as collecting images, audio, scripts through online platforms, the Internet, or mobile applications. 
Crowdsourcing jobs are filled by paid freelancers, contract employees, and even volunteers. Some people consider crowdsourcing projects to be a part-time job in addition to their full-time careers, allowing them to supplement their income in their free time. With the rise of freelancers and part-time workers in the Philippines, this would be an attractive chance

Examples of crowdsourcing jobs

Companies might open crowdsourcing jobs that need to be done on special occasions. The jobs can be designing, coding, writing which can be finished in a short time.
Many individuals believe that crowdsourcing is only for minor tasks. However, some businesses have used crowdsourcing to do important tasks like establishing brand guidelines by collecting many people for a small fee. They will then choose the best candidates and pay them in full.
Crowdsourcing has been in the market for many decades. In 2014, Mcdonald's decided on an initiative that allows consumers to submit their ideas on which type of burgers they want at the stores through online platforms. They will then choose the most favorite ones with rewards for winners. The “burger builder” crowdsourcing initiative costs them a very small expense for new product ideas while engaging a lot of people together.
Uber & Grab are also recent outstanding companies offering crowdsourcing jobs for people from anywhere to become their drivers and connect them with those who need drives.

3 benefits of crowdsourcing jobs 

Filipino workers can gain greatly from crowdsourcing jobs. Here are three benefits of crowdsourcing employment that you would benefit from.
According to a 2019 Payoneer analysis on the 'Global Gig Economy Index,' the Philippines ranked sixth in the world as the fastest-growing market for the gig economy, with freelance incomes increasing by 35%. At least two percent of the national population is freelancers, with many people embracing this trend with open arms since COVID-19 happened.
Therefore, crowdsourcing jobs have become an ideal choice to earn more money in the future. For those who are working full-time, choosing crowdsourcing jobs might be a good way to earn income without interfering with your main jobs.
Many artificial intelligence and machine learning organizations are increasingly looking for crowdsourcing workers in Asia, especially the Philippines. Taking crowdsourcing work at these organizations is a terrific way to master data procedures for AI training without a genuine degree or university experience since this is a new and rapidly increasing sector in the globe.
If you are looking for crowdsourcing jobs in technology (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning), Wow AI is a potential option with diversified crowdsourcing jobs open for Filipinos. As a high-quality AI Data solutions provider with numerous resources in the global market, we work in a range of industries such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and e-commerce. 
Some companies like Wow AI are actively recruiting workers from all over the world. With crowdsourcing jobs, you can join a global talent network while still in the Philippines. This gives you great chances to grow international working skills while building strong relationships with others. If crowdsourcing jobs are your goal, check out the crowded pool offered by Wow AI
Even if the organization no longer requires your services once you've completed your allocated job, you can maintain in touch with your contact regarding future possibilities if you create excellent work. 

Crowdsourcing jobs in the Philippines



This list of ten crowdsourcing jobs in the Philippines will help you find attractive crowdsourcing jobs for Filipino talents:

1, Data entry clerk

Average salary: Php 20,000/ month
Main role: Data entry's major responsibility is to enter data into a computer system and maintain it structured for others to utilize. The data entry clerk is also in charge of retrieving information that management requests.

2, Transcriptionist

Average salary: Php 27,550/ month
Main role: The main role of a transcriptionist is to translate the audio, video into written documentation. They need to have good listening skills, fast typing spaces, and a good sense of languages and social contexts. With noticeable projects in audio recording & transcription, offering 14000 audio hours of 14 languages (transcription), Wow AI can be a potential choice for your crowdsourcing job as a transcriptionist. 

3, Software developer

Average salary: Php 35,000/ month
Main role: A software developer's job includes identifying, creating, implementing, and testing a software system that they have created from the bottom up for a corporation. It might range from developing internal programs that assist firms to become more productive to developing solutions that can be marketed commercially.

4, Content Creator

Average salary: Php 31,208/month
Main role: A Content creator is responsible for creating content (words, texts, videos, images..) across different platforms such as social media channels, websites, newspapers, emails, radio, or television. As graphic designers, there are several rules from the company that they need to follow. A content creator is also sometimes in charge of producing analytics and content audits.

5, Labeller

Average salary: $3-6 USD / hour
Main role: Operating and tending to machinery, preparing items for transportation and storage, handling and transferring materials to guarantee a seamless workflow, and checking equipment to assure safe operation are all responsibilities of a labeler.

6, Voice over Artists

Average salary:  Php 18,340/ month
Main role: A voice-over artist's primary responsibility is to read a pre-written screenplay aloud in order to create a voice recording that will be used to accompany a video production. The process of bringing the screenplay to life in the voice-over artist's narration requires the development of a strong and clear speaking voice.

7, Proofreader

Salary: Php 19,173/month
Main role: A proofreader is responsible for reading and editing are written documents such as articles, social posts, journals, books,... They also need to follow the company’s guidelines. A proofreader also needs excellent skills in words, grammar, and vocabulary in the English language.

8, Translator

Salary: Php 46,798/month
Main role: As a translator, you are in charge of translating written items into different languages. This role requires excellent skills in both originals and the languages they are translating into. Some materials to translate can be books, newspapers, contracts, or reports.

9, Quality assurance tester

Salary: Php 37,788/month
Main role: A quality assurance tester is in charge of doing tests on the software that a company uses to ensure that it is working properly. They are required to keep track of their work, write reports outlining their findings, and work closely with developers to resolve any problems happening.

10, Copywriter

Salary: Php 25,219/month
Main role: A copywriter’s main role would be to create text to sell, attract and inform the audience about products, services, or activities of the organization. They work on emails, brochures, posters, or any communication materials required. A copywriter often works with graphic designers for finished communication materials. In this case, writing skills are highly required.


As crowdsourcing employment becomes increasingly important in the Philippines, many more global organizations will inevitably look for methods to hire crowdsourcing workers.
Along with the 10 crowdsourcing jobs in the Philippines mentioned above, you can apply for a large number of jobs based on your abilities and interests to earn more income, create great relationships, and expand your knowledge in new sectors like artificial intelligence and machine learning.
That’s what Wow AI is doing. Focusing on high-quality AI training data for a better AI algorithm, we aim to become an all-in-one platform for all AI data services with tech-driven mindsets. We are currently offering crowdsourcing jobs on a global scale. Have a look at our crowd pool to find the best crowdsourcing jobs in the top growing industries now.