Thiago Bianchi discussed The Trustworthiness of ML Models in Banking
Thiago Bianchi, the Principal Data Scientist at Itau Unibanco, attended Worldwide AI Webinar to deliver a keynote on The Trustworthiness of ML Models in Banking. Here are a few highlights of his speech.
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The path for data-driven ML model

Thiago Bianchi began his presentation by presenting the Data-Business Index quadrant to help enterprises position themselves and their data. The quadrant includes four parts with the x-axis being Business Index and the y-axis being Data Index.
Companies that are starting out with building businesses and obtaining data simultaneously are data-informed. Those that have already obtained a large amount of data but haven’t developed their business are data-centric.
Enterprises that are advanced business-wise but only have basic studies, dashboards, and insights based on data are considered data-savvy. To reach the data-driven part, these companies must acquire ML models. 
According to Bousdekis et al. (2021), the data-driven concept is related to automatizing the decision process. Machine learning models are the tools to provide enterprises with such automation. But whether we can trust ML models is another topic.

ML models evaluation methods

To assess a model bias, Thiago suggested a few methods:
Thiago also shared that at Itau Unibanco, for all models of credit recovery area they deliver:
To sum up, here are a few takeaways for you to chew on:
Catch Thiago Bianchi’s full keynote on our website and YouTube channel