Steve Nouri Affirms That AI & Web3 Will Enhance Decentralization
The second session of Worldwide AI Webinar 2022 was a keynote on AI and Web 3.0 delivered by Steve Nouri, the Chief Evangelist Officer at Wand and a well-known AI & Data Science influencer on LinkedIn.
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Key Takeaways

Web3 gives data ownership back to the users

Explaining that in the current web model, users do not own their data or identity but instead are given accounts by companies and end up getting their data held captive in app siloes, Steve Nouri believed that Web3 would be transformative. It is a new class of decentralized apps and protocols that put individuals at the center, empower them to own their identity, and restore their control over data.
But would that be damaging to AI/ML since there’d be fewer data available for model training?

Small data algorithms are accessible

Steve Nouri listed out a few small data algorithms that can accommodate fewer data availability:

6 scenarios of AI in Web3

Then, Steve detailed six scenarios of AI in Web3. The first three scenarios are customized while the last three are for general purposes.
The first scenario is AI at the front end, which is low-cost, safe, and fast, such as TensorFlow.js. The third scenario is AI running on the blockchain, which he deemed costly and risky. The fourth and sixth scenarios are also safe and fast in terms of running the algorithms. The second and fifth scenarios are what Steve considered Web 3.0 itself where the providers run the algorithm themselves.
A prime example of AI applications in the metaverse is called Omniverse which allows 3D artists to create together in one space. 
To conclude the keynote, Steve Nouri once again emphasized how groundbreaking AI and Web3 can be working together believing that decentralization will be a natural transition for humanity after the negative impacts of over-centralization:
“AI and Web3 are the two disruptive technologies that have introduced radical shifts in the industry. The mixture of the two will bring tremendous potential to create new business models enabled through digitalization.”