Senior AI/ML Consultant from Amazon Web Services Tackles Using AI in Telecom Fraud Detection at Worldwide AI Webinar
As technology progresses, so do fraud techniques. Telecommunications fraud is particularly prevalent.
The techniques used by fraudsters range from abusive service use, stealing IDs, credentials,, or hardware, to breaching physical core network security and copying devices. Each scenario has unique anomaly patterns that must be detected and updated as fraudsters refine their techniques.
In such a case, AI/ML has been promoted as a must-have capability that any fraud team must have in order to protect their business and customers from any type of risk. With industry estimates indicating that 90% of operators are targeted on a daily basis by scammers, resulting in billions of dollars in losses each year, AI application is a must for telecom companies.
Mr. Veeresh Shringari, a senior AI/ML consultant from Amazon Web Services will detail why in Wow AI’s Worldwide AI Webinar. 

About the speaker

Veeresh Shringari is a senior consultant who has worked in healthcare, industrial automation, and the aerospace industry for over 20 years. His area of specialization is AI/ML, specifically deep learning.
He has also served as an award-winning CIO, CDO, CTO, and product development and support leader at global Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Shringari has a knack for forming AI/ML teams from the ground up, utilizing NLP and computer vision technology.
Veeresh is a global thought leader and keynote speaker with leadership experience in the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. He has successfully led initiatives to increase technical innovation, organizational technical upskilling, and Hackathons.
At the conference, Veeresh Shringari will round out AI in telecom fraud detection. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation with him! 
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