Ola Olude-Afolabi Illustrated The Pathway for Data Innovation and AI in the U.S. Federal Government
Dr. Ola Olude-Afolabi, data scientist and AI project manager at the U.S. Department of Commerce attended Worldwide AI Webinar to talk about how data and AI are changing the landscape for the U.S. in an insightful keynote. Keep reading for the highlights of her speech!
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Joint Venture Partner program at National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Having operated since 1988, NTIS has evolved over the years and morphed into creating innovations and AI solutions. With the new Joint Venture Partner (JVP) program, NTIS aims to empower federal agencies in matters such as cybersecurity, fraud & anomaly detection, and enterprise data governance among others.
NTIS has a detailed four-step process when collaborating with partners for innovation, skills acceleration, and invoicing burden reduction:
What’s more, there will be a whiteboarding session where the agency will meet with all JVPs to answer their questions before proceeding to obtain a clearer picture of the targeted group.

NTIS values

Ola detailed five values of NTIS:

The importance of AI ethics

While AI and data have been at the forefront, protecting citizens remains the nation’s top priority. Therefore, DOC encourages other corporate entities to keep financial data and confidential information safe and secure.
Dr. Olude-Afolabi also shared some responsible AI resources, such as:
All in all, Ola claimed that NTIS offers: