How will artificial intelligence affect our lives in the future?
Artificial intelligence, or AI, seems to be on everyone's lips these days. The usage of AI in areas such as healthcare, technology, and design has increased by 270 percent in the previous four years. In this article, let’s find out how artificial intelligence affects our lives in the future, exploring the possibilities of a new era with it.
Every day, incredible improvements in AI are made. These technologies are catalyzing a new era of economic growth by resolving some of the world's most complex problems and addressing some of humanity's most pressing difficulties. 
This will bring diversified possibilities of a new era not only for work but also for our daily lives.


What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

“AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.”
According to John McCarthy’s definition, "Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable."
In order to build high-quality AI solutions, we can list out here several outstanding ways:
Data collection: This is the practice of acquiring and analyzing data from a variety of sources is known as data collection. Data will be collected and kept in a form that makes sense for the business challenge at hand to use to build viable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions.
Data annotation: For AI applications, this is the classification and labeling of data. For a given use case, training data must be correctly arranged and labeled. Companies may establish and improve AI solutions by using high-quality, human-powered data annotation.
Data transcription: Transcription is the process of converting one kind of data into another. This is most typically done by translating audio recordings of interviews or conversations to text format.

How does AI work?

There are five components of artificial intelligence which are learning, reasoning, problem-solving,  perception, and language understanding.
AI will use machine learning to replicate human intellect. Firstly, the computer needs to learn how to respond to certain things, so it creates a propensity model using algorithms and historical data. After that, propensity models will begin to make predictions. Then AI will be prioritized in such cases to save time by handling repetitive activities and much of the heavy lifting while humans can focus on other activities. 
There are several subdomains of AI we can list here that you might want to understand to know deeply how AI works:
Machine Learning: Machine learning (ML) teaches a computer how to make inferences based on its previous experiences. It recognizes patterns, analyzes previous data, and infers the meaning of these data points without relying on the human experience.
Computer Vision: Computer vision algorithms attempt to comprehend a picture by dissecting it and analyzing various elements of the objects. This supports the machine's classification and learning from a group of photos, allowing it to make better output decisions based on prior observations.
Natural language processing: This is the science of a machine reading, comprehending, and interpreting a language. When a computer understands what the user is trying to say, it reacts appropriately.

How will artificial intelligence affect our lives?


1, Industries

These are several industries currently investing in AI to improve processes and create new efficiencies such as (but not limited to): healthcare, information technology, public sector, education, marketing and communications, services, retails, beauty, and fashion.
For example, by comparing thousands of medical records, researchers have discovered that AI plays a role in diagnostic accuracy and helps in the analysis of health data.

2, Workforce

What AI will entail for the human workforce and the nature of work is a major point of dispute among AI scientists. There are numerous schools of thinking, ranging from AI robots will take all human jobs and millions of people will be unemployed, to humans will realize the potential of artificial intelligence, and will be freed up to realize their higher potential as boring, and dangerous tasks become the preserve of the machines.
The truth is that it will stay somewhere in between. Much of AI's potential will be achieved via enhancing human effort and simplifying numerous tasks. As jobs are either replaced or supplemented by technology, we will see a lot of reconfiguration of positions.
According to Accenture, AI will generate more jobs than it will remove, with the biggest need in healthcare, government, and education. It forecasts that by 2022, one out of every five workers would utilize AI to do non-routine duties like running a status report or sorting their incoming communications. 
Besides official or full-time jobs in the field of artificial intelligence, many companies nowadays are actively offering crowdsourcing jobs in AI for people who either have a background or degree in the field or do not, ranging in various fields. Some jobs can be limited in several countries, while many are open for people in every corner of the world. 

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