Head of Data at Lazada to talk about 5G, WiFi 6.0 and AI integration
The world of wireless connectivity is rapidly evolving. We've seen Wi-Fi 6 and 5G enter the market in full swing in recent years, and both technologies have received a lot of attention.
The adoption of 5G networks and Wifi 6.0 is fraught with complexities. Integrating AI into networks is one way the industry is addressing these complexities.
According to Ericsson, more than half of service providers have integrated some aspect of AI into their 5G networks. The key to why AI, 5G, and WiFi 6.0 work so well together is data: A firehose of data is produced by 5G and WiFi 6.0, which AI may employ to create more customized user experiences that cater to their diverse needs.
Will the integration of AI, 5G, and WiFi 6.0 be revolutionary and accelerate the digital space by a long shot?
Muni Vinay Kamisetty, the Head of Data and Automation at Lazada will be talking about this topic in detail at the Worldwide AI Webinar. 

About the speaker

Muni Vinay Kamisetty is currently the Head of Data and Automation - Enterprise Tech at Lazada in Singapore. 
He has more than 13 years of experience in driving enterprise-level digital transformations through AI and Data. Muni worked with many Singapore-based financial services, government entities, and retail & e-commerce companies to scale up their data and intelligent automation initiatives. His other capabilities include implementing an enterprise data culture with robust data governance, integrating intelligence into the corporate strategy, designing and building AI centers of excellence, and advising companies on AI governance frameworks such as PDPC, and M.A.S FEAT. 
Apart from his work, Muni has a great passion for enabling and mentoring young Data & AI engineers & scientists. He has been actively coaching such young talent across many universities in Singapore, India, China, and  Malaysia. Also, he has a great interest in niche/ emerging technologies like quantum computing. 
At Worldwide AI Webinar, Muni Vinay Kamisetty will talk about the Effect of 5G & wifi 6.0 on the AI ecosystem and the business landscape.
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