Head of AI labs at VNG Corporation to scrutinize AI for Financial Inclusion in Developing Countries at Worldwide AI Webinar
In 2021, World Bank estimated that around 1.7 billion adults did not have a bank account.  
This means there are billions of people who are disconnected from the formal financial system, unable to build credit, receive funds, deposit money, buy insurance, invest in education and health, and withstand economic shocks.
This poses a more severe threat to citizens of developing countries where basic needs are insufficient in remote areas. 
As technology has advanced remarkably, can artificial intelligence help make financial inclusion a reality for everyone in developing countries?
Dr. Nam Ma, Head of AI Labs at VNG Corporation will answer this question at the upcoming Worldwide AI Webinar. 

About the speaker

Nam Ma, currently the Head of AI Labs at VNG Corporation, is leading TrueID.ai, a product suite for customer identification and authentication (KYC) from VNG, using biometrics and AI technologies.
While doing his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California, Dr. Ma was involved in a Big Data research project financed by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and National Science Foundation in the United States.
Upon completing his Ph.D. in Computer Science, he worked as a data scientist and solutions architect at two AI companies in Silicon Valley. 
Before joining VNG, Nam worked at Trusting Social as Head Data Scientist and led the development and operations of lead-gen and fraud-prevention products, 
At the Worldwide AI Webinar, Nam Ma will be talking about AI for Financial Inclusion in Developing Countries.
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