Founder of CollectiWise to share his insights into Ethical Dilemmas in Human-centered AI at Worldwide AI Webinar
The popular idea that the world is supposed to be focusing on Human-Centered AI has been discussed quite often.
But why do we need it? Is it long-term or just a fad? And are there any ethical dilemmas surrounding Human-Centered AI?
These questions usually arise from those that are not familiar with the nature of Human-Centered AI.
Let us join Worldwide AI Webinar this September 29-30 and hear Johannes Castner unpack the matter.

About the speaker

Johannes Castner is the founder of CollectiWise and the Venture Partner of Post Urban. 
Mr. Castner holds a BA in Economics and Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University where he also worked as a research assistant to the Environmental Economist Alexander Pfaff on a project that focused on the economic effects, via health, of indoor air pollution in a small farming community in Kenya. He then obtained a Master's in Sustainable Development at the same university.
Since 2008, Johannes Castner built experiments in cognitive economics and collective intelligence. Adapting some open source software for his experiments got him hired as a senior data scientist at eBay where he worked on applications involving Bayesian networks and knowledge graphs, as well as more standard NLP machine learning problems.  
Johannes then founded his own startup, called CollectiWise, which is a consultancy, focused on applications of collective intelligence, a nascent interdisciplinary field with many industrial applications that has an annual conference.  
In addition to CollectiWise, since 2018 Johannes has been part of a number of AI consultancies in London, England where he has been working on a diverse set of business intelligence, healthcare, and smart city projects. 
At Worldwide AI Webinar, Johannes Castner will share his insights into the Ethical Dilemmas of Human-Centered AI.
Don’t miss out on his keynote by securing a seat at Worldwide AI Webinar: https://event.wow-ai.com/worldwideAI2022/