Director of Cloud Partner Engineering at Google Cloud rounds out Using AI/ML To Increase Organizational Maturity at Worldwide AI Webinar
There is no doubt that artificial intelligence and machine learning, when used effectively, can provide significant value and cutting-edge technological innovation. However, many organizations are having difficulty implementing AI/ML, according to a 2021 Comet survey.
Despite the fact that businesses are increasingly leveraging ML and AI, many tools are far less productive than they should be and end up failing or being abandoned.
As a result, business value frequently falls short of expectations due to significant waste of time, resources, and budgets. Only a few of the reasons are organizational immaturity and unreadiness, a lack of appropriate resources and skill sets, and a lack of a clear data strategy.
An article published by The Economist in 2020 was subtitled “Not every company is an internet giant” when addressing the challenges businesses face when adopting AI. 
While that is true, it does not mean one company needs to become a tech giant to integrate AI into its business. 
In the upcoming Worldwide AI Webinar, Director of Cloud Partner Engineering and VP of AI/ML at Google Cloud, Dr. Ali Arsanjani will share how corporations can increase organizational maturity and business values by adopting AI/ML through the end-to-end life cycle.

About the speaker

Dr. Ali Arsanjani, Google Cloud's director of Cloud Partner Engineering, specializes in AI/ML, Data/Analytics, enabling integration, building and running on the Google Cloud Platform, and enabling strategic co-innovation with ISVs and GSIs.
He was the Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Analytics & Machine Learning at IBM for 20 years, where he was in charge of architectural implementations and led IBM services teams in customized machine learning and analytics solutions. Ali Arsanjani, considered the father of SOA, was known for assembling teams from various geographies to develop large-scale agile solutions.
He went on to become AWS's Head of Machine Learning and WW Tech Leader. Dr. Arsanjani developed reference architectures and patterns that span multiple scenarios and oversaw a specialized research team of applied scientists, engineers, and product managers for cutting-edge AI prototyping.
His deep learning ensemble models, anomaly/outlier/pattern detection and training, customer segmentation/churn/upsell analysis, and voice/video and text analysis for conversational virtual assistant implementations are all part of his ML and DL expertise.
As a veteran in the field, Ali Arsanjani will be bringing lots of value to the Worldwide AI Webinar 2022.
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