Director of Azure Data at Microsoft to explain Why Data is at the Core of AI/ML
If we think of machine learning models as vehicles then data is its gas (or electricity if you’re driving a hybrid or an electric). 
In a nutshell, data is the core of any AI/ML algorithm. But the reasons why can be a bit more detailed.
In the upcoming Worldwide AI Webinar, Aamar Hussain, the Director of Azure Data at Microsoft will answer the question: Why is data at the core of AI/ML?

About the speaker

Aamar Hussain is a passionate advocate of Data & AI, helping enterprises lead, build and inspire with their Data and AI strategy and digital transformation, with a focus on getting the solid foundations in place for enterprise Data and AI and then able to scale and build a value-driven capability enabling innovation and growth. 
He is currently a senior leader within the Microsoft Azure customer success business, responsible for Data & AI cloud solutions architects. The Data & AI CSA team's mission is to empower customer value and realization using Azure Data & AI portfolio.
Aamar holds an MSc in Information Systems with over 18 years of industry experience centered around engineering, consulting, and enterprise solution architecture in a variety of verticals working with Accenture, BT, and DXC. Prior to Microsoft, Aamar led the Contact Centre AI practice at Google working with key strategic customers and partners to create and execute on customer experience transformation vision using Google AI/ML.
At the webinar, Aamar Hussain will not only deliver his keynote on Why Data is at the core of AI/ML but also take part in the panel discussion about Challenges and Solutions for Adopting AI & ML in your Enterprise.
Check out the whole agenda here and mark your calendars: https://event.wow-ai.com/worldwideAI2022/