AI Leaders and Executives from IBM, Samsung SDS, Volkswagen, Reuters and Oxford Brookes University to debate Artificial General Intelligence at Worldwide AI Webinar
AI development seems to be making immense progress.
Whether it’s OpenAI's DALL-E 2 that can seemingly create spectacular images from any text or its GPT-3 that can talk and write or an art piece created by Midjourney’s AI winning a fine arts competition which fumed other artists and enabled the ban of AI-generated stock photos issued by Shutterstock and Getty Images, it seems that AI is taking over in many major fields.
This once again raises the question of whether artificial general intelligence, otherwise known as AGI is owning the flexibility and resourcefulness of human intelligence.
A special open debate among five incredibly capable and outspoken AI experts on AGI at the Worldwide AI Webinar will provide a comprehensive answer to this question.

About the panelists

Patrick Bangert - VP of AI at Samsung SDS

At Samsung SDS, Patrick Bangert directs the AI Engineering and AI Sciences teams. The AI engineering team develops the Brightics AI Accelerator which provides distributed training and automated machine learning to speed up the creation of an AI model. 
With a background in the process industry (in chemical, power, oil, and gas), he has an eye for practical applications that deliver value in the real world. From optimizing power plant efficiency to enabling predictive maintenance in upstream and downstream plants, he has worked on practical AI projects on four continents.

Fabio Cuzzolin, Professor of AI & Director of Visual AI lab at Oxford Brookes University

Fabio Cuzzolin earned a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Padua in 1997. In 2001, he received a Ph.D. from the same institution for his thesis Visions of A Generalized Probability Theory. He joined Oxford Brookes University as a Professor of Artificial Intelligence and the Director of the Visual Artificial Intelligence Laboratory after conducting research at Politecnico di Milano, Washington University in St. Louis, UCLA, and INRIA Rhone-Alpes. He is an expert in belief function theory and the author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications.
Professor Cuzzolin is a world leader in the field of imprecise probabilities and random set theory, to which he contributed an original geometric approach. His lab research spans AI, machine learning, computer vision, surgical robotics, autonomous driving, AI for healthcare, and uncertainty theory. His team is pioneering frontier topics such as machine theory-of-mind, epistemic artificial intelligence, predicting future actions and behavior, neurosymbolic reasoning, and self-supervised learning in video.

David von Dollen - Former head of AI at Volkswagen

David was responsible for overall strategy, technical architecture, and design, and project management for A.I. research and applications development for The Volkswagen Group Regional Competency Center serving North and South America. David holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is currently working towards a Ph.D. at Leiden University focusing on quantum computing and artificial intelligence. He has over ten years of experience developing and deploying data and machine learning products for enterprise companies across a variety of business domains. 

Noelle Silver - Founder of AI leadership Institute and AI executive at IBM

Noelle Silver is a multi-award-winning technologist and entrepreneur who is now the founder of AI Leadership Institute and is an AI Executive at IBM. She has led teams at NPR, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon Alexa, and is a consistent champion for public understanding of the ethical use of AI and tech fluency.
She was recently awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Artificial Intelligence and VentureBeat’s Women in AI Responsibility and Ethics award. 

Shirsha Ray Chaudhuri -  Director of Engineering, Thomson Reuters Labs, Thomson Reuters

Shirsha is the team leader of Thomson Reuters Labs' Machine Learning Engineering team in Bangalore. She is responsible for overseeing the creation and implementation of well-architected cloud solutions on AWS and other cloud platforms for ML projects that improve the effectiveness and value of various content workflows in Thomson Reuters' products, platforms, and business systems. She is concerned with successfully implementing and maintaining ML solutions in operational workloads. She collaborates with groups in tech for the D&I sector, societal impact projects, and AI for good.
This open debate will be moderated by David Churbuck, an award-winning tech journalist, and the founder and former Editor-in-chief of Forbes.
In this session, the speakers will debate the real meaning of AGI, its imminence, how AI could possibly turn into AGI, and more.
Tune in to the Worldwide AI Webinar on September 30 to catch this open debate.
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