7 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss The Worldwide AI Hackathon
Are you looking for an incredible opportunity to use your skills in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)? Then you wouldn’t want to miss the Worldwide AI Hackathon! 
This event is an incredible opportunity for developers, engineers, and data scientists to come together and collaborate to create innovative solutions using the latest technologies. Though the competition will be challenging and likely require copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks to fuel your creative brain, the benefits will be worth your while.
Here are 7 reasons you don't want to miss the Worldwide AI Hackathon. 

1. Toughest challenges designed by top AI executives from tech giants and global corporations

Worldwide AI Hackathon is where talented teams of students from top global AI universities, AI startups, developers, data scientists, and AI enthusiasts from global corporations meet to join challenges designed by top AI thought-leaders who are AI executives from more than 30 tech giants and large corporations, including Google, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Mastercard, Samsung, Oxford Brookes, Stanford, Deloitte, Accenture, Apple, Siemens, AstraZeneca, and many others
The challenges put forth by our judges include generative AI, synthetic data and self-supervised learning in the autonomous industry. You can find more details once you register to be our contestants here.

2. Huge rewards

They say that it’s not free labor if we call it a “challenge”.
But Worldwide AI Hackathon doesn’t expect you to compete for love and charity.
Besides the huge cash prizes, we will also fly the three finalist teams to the Worldwide AI Hackathon finale, where they will present their entries to the panel of judges and a live audience – on location and remotely.
Even if you don’t make the final cut, you stand a chance to have your entry featured on our website to attract potential collaborators and investors.

3. Support from experienced mentors from different backgrounds to nurture your AI products

Even though the coding round of the Worldwide AI Hackathon will be conducted remotely, we will give you all the assistance you require. You’ll receive support from our experienced mentors with not only new technologies or tech stacks, but also industry experience, business and insight, project management, marketing, and sales skills, to build a usable and potential project.
Data scientists, software engineers, data analysts, and AI managers from large corporations such as Amazon, Meta, Airbus, Shell, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Starbucks, Wipro, HCL Technologies, GE Aerospace, Nubank, and more will accompany you along the way and lead you to success. 
Find the full list of mentors here!

4. Network with other AI professionals

The Worldwide AI Hackathon could be the ideal chance to meet people and form teams to combine your abilities for your upcoming project. You can network, get to know other AI specialists, work together on projects and share knowledge. This is a fantastic chance to grow your network.

5. Free access to an all-in-one supportive platform

Worldwide AI Hackathon is hosted on our own all-in-one hackathon platform. This means you are granted free access to our built-in tools from data crawling, auto-annotation (both computer vision and NLP), ML training environment, automated ML training, data health analysis, or code demo environment. The platform supports any type of framework.
One platform to do all of your work because our contestants deserve the utmost convenience. 
The complete demo video of our platform will be updated soon!

6. Incubation and commercialization for winning projects

What separates Worldwide AI Hackathon from other hackathons is we are only a means to an end. Your journey with us doesn’t stop at a prototype or a source code. 
Top winners from the hackathon can raise funds from our global AI community in the upcoming DAO to improve the outputs, form a startup or eventually commercialize the final products based on the form of IP-NFTs. 

7. Airdrop tokens of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the AI community

Worldwide Al Hackathon is a flagship event co-hosted by Wow AI and Transatlantic AI eXchange as a part of the WowDAO, which is the 1st decentralized autonomous organization for the AI community and is now in an early development stage. 
WowDAO is a blockchain-based, full-cycle ecosystem of AI inventions from the innovation phase, through building AI/ML models and implementing them to commercializing them via the form of Intellectual Property Non-fungible Tokens (IP-NFTs). Its mission is to democratize AI, which requires the future of AI to be globally collaborative and fully decentralized.
By becoming our contestants, you'll get early access to WowDAO tokens, which will give you the opportunity to help finance projects for startups, companies, and development groups, participate in the governance of the ecosystem, and access all AI innovations within.
Stay tuned for more details on this later on!
The Worldwide AI hackathon is an incredible opportunity for students, developers, engineers, data scientists, and AI startups to come together and collaborate to create innovative solutions to pressing real-world problems using the latest technologies.

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