5 Reasons Why You Should Sponsor The 2023 Worldwide AI Hackathon
The Worldwide AI Hackathon is a flagship event that brings together the best of the best in the AI field. Participants from all over the world have the chance to showcase their ideas and create projects that have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Sponsoring the hackathon is the perfect way to show your commitment to the development of AI and to demonstrate your support for the brightest minds in the field. Here are five reasons why you should sponsor the Worldwide AI Hackathon.

Quality of Participants

The Worldwide AI Hackathon is one of the most anticipated AI hackathons in 2023. It attracts some of the brightest and most talented AI minds in the industry. As a sponsor, you'll have the opportunity to network with these innovators and gain access to their cutting-edge ideas.
The Worldwide AI Hackathon has a global reach, bringing together participants from all over the world. As a sponsor, you'll be able to tap into a global pool of resources, giving you the potential to gain new insights and make valuable connections.

Community Involvement

Sponsoring the Worldwide AI Hackathon is a great way for your brand to demonstrate your commitment to supporting and giving back to the AI community. By supporting the hackathon, brands can help foster the next generation of AI professionals and contribute to the growth and development of the AI ecosystem. It’s also a wonderful chance to connect with other companies, industry leaders, researchers, academics, and experts in the field of AI and build valuable partnerships.

Thought Leadership

Sponsoring the 2023 Worldwide AI Hackathon is an opportunity for brands to demonstrate their commitment to innovation and leadership in the field of artificial intelligence. By supporting the hackathon and promoting the use of AI in problem-solving, your company can position itself as a thought leader in the industry and build its reputation. This can help brands differentiate themselves from competitors and attract top talent.

Talent Acquisition

The 2023 Worldwide AI Hackathon is expected to attract a talented and diverse group of participants with a wide range of skills and expertise, including machine learning, data science, and software engineering. Sponsoring the hackathon can give you access to a list of resumes and CVs of contestants who are interested in job opportunities, the ability to post jobs on the Worldwide AI Hackathon job board, and the chance to connect with and evaluate potential candidates for internships, co-op programs, or full-time positions. This is a valuable opportunity for you to identify top talent and build relationships with future employees.

Brand Recognition

Sponsoring the 2023 Worldwide AI Hackathon is a great opportunity for brands to increase their visibility and reach a highly engaged and tech-savvy audience. By participating in the hackathon, brands can showcase their products and services to a diverse group of participants, including students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Sponsoring the hackathon can also help you gain valuable media exposure and increase your online presence through mentions on the hackathon website, social media channels, and press releases, and  interactive virtual booth & standee on our 3D conference platform where over 5000 people will join. Should you decide to join us for the final round in the United States, you’ll be offered an offline booth where you can present your products to an audience of 500 attendees. 
Overall, sponsoring the 2023 Worldwide AI Hackathon is a great way for brands to increase their visibility, identify and recruit top talent, demonstrate thought leadership, network with industry leaders, and give back to the community. By participating in the hackathon, brands can position themselves as leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and build lasting relationships with future employees, partners, and the wider AI community.

How you can sponsor Worldwide AI Hackathon

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