5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Into Worldwide AI Hackathon
Hackathons are a great opportunity to improve your coding skills, collaborate with like-minded people, and even win some serious prizes. Before you dive into the Worldwide AI Hackathon, however, there are some hackathon questions you need to ask yourself.

1. What is my goal?

This is the first important hackathon question you must ask.
A hackathon can be put to good use in a variety of ways. Are you hoping to complete a project you've been planning for a while? Do you want to learn a new tech stack? Do you desire to network? Do you intend to succeed?
Any of these goals can be accomplished when you join Worldwide AI Hackathon and probably all at once if you’re smart about it. For instance, you can take advantage of any opportunities to introduce yourself on the Worldwide AI Hackathon platform and/or Discord channel. What if you wish to find employment? Make a good impression with your judges and mentors who are AI executives, software engineers, and data scientists of MAGA and other large corporations. 
The bottom line is prioritizing your objectives still can help you define your preparation process and manage your time here

2. Have I got a team?

The next question to ask before joining any hackathon is if you already have a team. If you arrive at the hackathon with a team of a maximum of five people already assembled, you will have greater control over your experience. But if you haven’t got a team, no worries! Our Worldwide AI Hackathon platform and Discord channel are the best way to find your teammates.
It's crucial to put together the best team possible to work on your project. While having the necessary technical knowledge is important, you also need to be able to act fast, iterate quickly, and be agile. You need a strong product leader who has a distinct vision and is aware of technology possibilities and also a member who plans how to present the outputs from the very beginning.

3. Is my idea innovative and feasible?

Worldwide AI Hackathon’s challenges are designed by top AI thought-leaders and experts, which means they will be tough. Understanding deeply the challenge you would like to solve, asking all the questions you need the answers to, and having a strategic approach are what you can do to smooth your journey with us.
Before the hackathon begins, jot down your idea(s): a brief explanation of your idea, your creative solution, your presumptions, and the technologies involved. It will also help you and your team define the project's intended outcome.
The next step is to perform a reality check. To accomplish this, confirm your concept by conducting a brief web search to learn more about its uniqueness, viability, and potential implementation costs. Even if you discover that there are currently identical technology and solutions available, you can still have differentiators to enable you to compete with other players.

4. What are the helpful tools? 

The unique thing about Worldwide AI Hackathon is you’ll have free access to our built-in tools from data crawling, auto-annotation (both computer vision and NLP), ML training environment, and automated ML training, to deploying environment. The platform supports any type of framework.
Before getting down to the hackathon, send us your questions if you encounter any problems with the tools. 

5. Have I planned for my breaks?

This is one hackathon question that people often forgot to ask. 
It’s tempting to keep working on a project you’re passionate about. But don’t forget to save some time and space for many much-needed breaks. Most people have stayed up all night to finish a task, whether it was for work or school. Consider taking occasional naps to revive a worn-out mind.
Hackathons can be stressful and worrying about a problem is not the way to solve it. A change of scenery, a bit of chat, and taking a break really help to spark a new idea or find another angle.
Hackathons can be a great way to hone your coding skills and collaborate with others. Before attending such a dynamic event, make sure you ask all the right hackathon questions, know the rules, find the right team and come up with ideas. With the right preparation, you can have an amazing Worldwide AI Hackathon experience!
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