5 Industries For Crowdsourcing Jobs in Asia You Can Join
When looking for side jobs in Asia to gain income and skills, a crowdsourcing job is a potential choice. Here’re the top five industries for crowdsourcing jobs in Asia you can join.
Many companies are now hiring Asian crowdsourcing workers from not only entry-level positions but also experienced ones. Therefore, the chances you can get highly-paid crowdsourcing jobs in Asia are growing significantly.
Organizations in the field of technology, particularly machine learning and artificial intelligence, provide crowdsourcing jobs for their data validation, data prepping and data preparation. 
Besides, whether you're a hotel employee, a community social worker, or a student, there are various chances and industries for crowdsourcing jobs in Asia you can join.
Crowdsourcing in Asia


Why crowdsourcing jobs in Asia?

The Asian economy is growing

Many politicians, economists, and opinion leaders believe we are entering the "Asian century." While many big nations, such as the United States, have battled with recession and high unemployment in recent years, many Asian economies have brushed off the global financial crisis and continued to thrive. Therefore, chances are many global companies are entering the market and growing fastly, leading to the rise in job opportunities, especially crowdsourcing jobs.

The entrance of big tech companies

According to recent data, Asia has accounted for 52 percent of global growth in tech-company sales, 43 percent of startup investment, 51 percent of R&D spending, and 87 percent of patents issued over the previous decade, leading to the rise for technology job opportunities in the region.
If you are looking for crowdsourcing jobs in technology (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning), Wow AI is a potential option with diversified crowdsourcing jobs open for Asian talents. As a high-quality AI Data solutions provider with numerous resources in the global market, we work in a range of industries such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and commerce. 

5 industries for crowdsourcing jobs in Asia


crowdsourcing industries

Here is the list of the top 5 industries in Asia where you may start your crowdsourcing jobs:


When you think about healthcare, images of physicians and nurses caring for their patients while going through hospital halls come to mind. However, there is more in the industry than that. Back-offices are necessary to keep the industry working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many hospitals may choose to outsource tasks since they do not have the resources to maintain all important personnel on staff.
In Asia, the market is expected to grow to the highest level during the time from 2020 to 2026, due to the increase in the expenses of healthcare services. Meanwhile, with the rise of government healthcare programs, accompanied by numerous new multi-strength hospital projects, more healthcare service providers are turning to crowdsourcing to save their costs to battle the competition. 
When it comes to healthcare, medical organizations and hospitals in Asia today are opening crowdsourcing jobs from data entry to medical claims processing to medical billing. Meanwhile, IT services are also taken into consideration. Companies are choosing crowdsourcing sides for effective up-to-date technology for data collection and analysis to increase their productivity and proficiency

Marketing & Communications

Marketing and Communications are top-rising industries for crowdsourcing jobs over the last few decades. Businesses use crowdsourcing not only for reducing costs and saving time but also for gaining attraction and new ideas from the public. There are several types of crowdsourcing jobs in this field that are rising in Asia. 
Many companies now are hiring graphic designers, content creators, video editors, and copywriters in the crowdsourcing position for different projects in a specific period of time, especially when there are many projects going on together at the same time.
The utilization of user evaluations and testimonials to enhance a product or service is another outstanding example of crowdsourcing in the marketing and communications field in Asia. We all know how important internet reviews are to customers. After all, a brand with no reviews is destined to fail.


In this field, the software would not be the same without user participation, even if it was the original crowdsourced product. Many applications are open-sourced, which means that anybody may update the source code and make significant changes. Crowdsourcing is essential because software is always developing, bringing with it new features and improvements.
Asia is being considered to be the “tiger” in the software crowdsourcing industry with outstanding countries such as India, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Lots of companies are choosing this continent’s labor market due to the enormous talent pool, a sheer number of quality programmers, and more importantly, low costs. It is reported that 60% of Southeast Asian investors saw technology as their main priority.
Besides software development positions, companies working in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence are also actively offering crowdsourcing jobs for people in Asia for data validation, transcription. Many positions in technology are recruiting people from entry to experienced levels without an actual degree in the field of technology. 
Some companies like Wow AI - high-quality data solution provider for AI training at a large scale are actively hiring talents in Asia with numerous crowdsourcing jobs in their crowdpool

Vehicles and Travel

In Asia, crowdsourcing has been used in the automotive industry for a long time, with the goal of providing comfort and convenience. Many vehicle manufacturers have turned to crowdsource to speed up the process and ensure that they have adequate components on hand in a short amount of time.
When employed in the automobile sector, crowdsourcing—or the process of engaging a group of people for a shared goal—can play a crucial role in enhancing our everyday lives. Driver data may be supplied via different technologies, such as a vehicle's integrated sensors or telematics control unit, to enable driverless operation, anticipate maintenance, and make driving safer, among other things.
Also, in the travel industry, crowdsourcing for local tour guides is becoming a serious trend. Several travel companies in Asia such as TripTrus (Indonesia), TripThirsty (India), and Thrillophilia (India) are actively crowdsourcing tours from local guides for their customers.

Fashion and Beauty

The fashion and beauty business is another area that is demanding more crowdsourcing jobs in Asia. Consumers are beginning to have a say in what ends up on shop shelves in the fashion business, which traditionally depends on the expertise of designers. Therefore, getting ideas from different fashion designers, beauty bloggers and the public is even more important for brands today to meet the fast-changing requirements of the market.


In the future, many industries will continue to grow and join the crowdsourcing markets, with more focus on the Asian talents due to the advantages of low costs, high-quality programmers, and the specific requirements of the market. 
Crowdsourcing industries
Along with 5 industries that are demanding crowdsourcing jobs in Asia, you can apply for a large number of jobs based on your abilities and interests to earn more income, create great relationships, and expand your knowledge in new sectors like artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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