3 Ways You Can Make The Most Out Of Worldwide AI Hackathon Mentorship
Joining hackathons is a great way to learn about various aspects of technology, collaborate with others, and gain new skills. It’s also an excellent opportunity to receive guidance from mentors. But how can you best take advantage of the mentors’ support at a hackathon? This blog post will provide tips on how to effectively ask for mentors’ assistance at a hackathon.

The role of mentors at a hackathon 

At any hackathon, the mentors' main duty is to encourage and motivate the team, support participants along their journey and help turn their prototypes into products.
The mentors at Worldwide AI Hackathon are industry experts from leading global companies who were in the contestants’ shoes before. To succeed at Worldwide AI Hackathon, teams should connect with mentors for support. If there is a particular issue or area of interest, mentors can direct the participant to resources that they can peruse at their own convenience since they are already veterans in that field. Worldwide AI Hackathon mentors are a cache of versatile industry experts who brings diverse perspectives and problem-solving techniques to the event and will play a crucial role in leading the contestants to success.

3 ways to make use of your Worldwide AI Hackathon mentors

Connecting with them on Discord

Every Worldwide AI Hackathon team can choose a mentor based on the challenge you pick via the Worldwide AI Hackathon Discord channel.
After you’ve registered, join our Discord and go to the Find Your Mentors channel. You’ll get to introduce yourself and get to know more about our mentors there. Explain your background and passion as well as be clear about what kind of help you need. This will help the mentor understand your needs and provide the best possible guidance.  
Once your team has a mentor on board, start keeping them updated about your progress. Ask specific questions and allow open communication. Remember that your mentors are there to help!

Schedule a meeting on the Worldwide AI Hackathon platform

If you have further questions that require a meeting to discuss, you can schedule a meeting with your mentor on the Worldwide AI Hackathon platform. We suggest that you and your mentors should work out a fixed date and time to arrange weekly meetings to catch up and avoid miscommunication.
After logging in to the website, you’ll be able to see your mentor’s calendar and check their availability before requesting a meeting. 
The platform demo will be available soon to walk you through how you can book a meeting with your mentor on our platform.

Build a connection throughout the hackathon

Your relationship with your mentors should not last only for the duration of the Worldwide AI Hackathon. Research your mentor’s background and ask to see their previous work in the field. Show genuine interest and ask them to share their experience while telling them your story. If you’re a student who is looking for ways to break into the field, joining Worldwide AI Hackathon is already a great addition to your portfolio. Still, when you have direct communication with industry experts, it’d be a missed opportunity not to ask for their insights. 
Not many hackathons have such an incredible lineup of mentors from diverse backgrounds and different cultures as the Worldwide AI Hackathon. Once you’re here, get ready to make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

Meet the mentors of the Worldwide AI Hackathon

If you’re joining Worldwide AI Hackathon, you’re guaranteed to get constant support from a lineup of brilliant hackathon mentors with not only new technologies or tech stacks, but also industry experience, business and insight, project management, marketing, and sales skills, entrepreneurship to build a potential product.
Data scientists, software engineers, data analysts, and AI managers from large corporations such as Amazon, Meta, Airbus, Shell, Crypto.com, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Starbucks, Wipro, HCL Technologies, GE Aerospace, Nubank, and more will accompany you along the way and lead you to success. 
Find the full list of mentors here!
If you’re ready to work with these incredible hackathon mentors closely, register to join Worldwide AI Hackathon now!