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 Wow AI is a trusted and professional partner that provides high-quality data at a large scale to clients to help improve their AI/ML systems. We welcome all people from all walks of life to join these projects. You can work remotely anytime and anywhere.
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Why become our project contributors?
 Wow AI provides you with opportunities in supporting our clients in collecting, enhancing, and upgrading their data input for AI models. We welcome workers across the globe regardless of their backgrounds and experience.
A Few Examples of Tasks You can do
Here are some common tasks you are expected to do as our project contributors. Please make sure to update your profile on our site frequently so that we can invite you join a suitable projects based on your information.
Data collection
Data collection projects involve the gathering of different types of data including text, audio, and speech in order to improve the quality of customer service. For example, Text data is collected to help develop technology that can understand human language in text form, meanwhile, speech/audio can be used for training and improving conversational AI and chatbots.
Data annotation
You are expected to identify raw data (images, text files, videos, etc.) and add one or more meaningful and informative labels to provide context so that a machine learning model can learn from it. Examples are, labels might indicate whether a photo contains a bird or car, which words were uttered in an audio recording, or if an x-ray contains a tumor.
Data transcribers will listen to audio files and write down what they hear following the provided guidelines and conventions. The job entails listening to an audio recording and convert it to text
How it works
Step 1
First, register at connect.wow-ai.com, update your personal information and your payment method and sign the frame contract.
Step 2
Check your email frequently to keep updated with new suitable projects sent to your email!
Step 3
Apply to the projects that you receive invitations (if you are interested in)
Step 4
The project team will verify your profile and process the next steps.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Wow AI?
Wow AI is a trusted and professional partner that provides high-quality data at a large scale to clients to improve their AI/ML systems. Wow AI manages projects for clients, recruits project contributors from all around the world, breaks down complex projects into small tasks (collection, annotation, translation, transcription, classifying, labeling, etc.) and allocates them to suitable project contributors.
Workers complete tasks from home to get paid, includes Wow AI processes and combines all the data collected into a meaningful and qualified result, and sends it back to the client. Our clients include leading companies in technology, automotive, eCommerce, banking, healthcare and several other industries as well.
2. How do I sign up for Wow AI project contributor account?
3 simple steps:
  • Visit connect.wow-ai.com
  • Fill in your required personal information and contact
  • Check your email and confirm the registration request
Now, you are good to go!
3. How do I get paid?
Each project will have a different payment circle. Usually, in long-term projects, you will receive an invoice for all of your completed tasks within 7 working days of the next month. You will have 2-3 days to confirm the invoice. Then once it is confirmed, the payment will be made within 30 working days. (The due date of each invoice is stated on our invoicing in system). Payment will be made automatically to your wallet on our system. Then, payments are automatically transferred by our system to your designated chosen accounts. You can use your bank or Payoneer account.
Please take note. That there is a minimum balance of 25 USD for bank accounts and 10 USD for payoneer accounts for you to withdraw. And if your wallet’s balance is lower than 10 USD, it can’t be sent to your Payoneer account. In that case, you will have to wait until the balance on your wallet is higher than the above limits.
What do our project contributors say?
  • “ I started my first transcription job with Waw Asia Corp - Wow AI. Staffs are very friendly and helpful, and the platform is very easy to use for a beginner like me. ”
  • “ Wow AI is the best outsourcing company so far. Best rate, best support, best co workers. ”
  • They are very supportive towards its workers/freelancers with its quick responses.They are transparent, all the people from the management was nice friendly and helpful.
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