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Text Data Collection
Multilingual text data is critical to developing your natural language processing. Menu Data, Ticket Data, Business Card Data, Document Data, Receipt Data can all be used to extract vital information hidden deep within unstructured data and address a range of application cases. Wow AI provides a variety of Data Collection services. For example:
Receipt Data Collection
We assist you in collecting various forms of invoices such as online invoices, shopping invoices, cab receipts, hotel bills, and others.
Document Data Collection
We can assist you with gathering all forms of crucial documents, such as a driver's licenses or a credit cards, from various locations.
Speech Data Collection
We can assist you in gathering data from over 120 languages and dialects, accents, regions, and voice varieties, as well as transcribe (including utterances), timestamp, and classify it. We provide a variety of speech data collection services, including:
Monologue Speech Collection
Collect data from individual speakers in the form of prepared, directed, or spontaneous speech. The speaker is chosen based on your requirements.
Dialogue Speech Collection
Collect guided or spontaneous speech data, or interactions between a Call Center Agent and a Caller, or a Caller and a Bot depending on your specific requirements.
Image Data Collection
Collect large volumes of image data (medical image datasets, invoice image datasets, facial datasets, or any custom dataset) for a variety of use cases, such as image classification, image segmentation, facial recognition, and so on, to add computer vision to your machine learning capabilities.
Document Data Collection
We offer image datasets of a variety of documents, such as invoices, receipts, menus, and so on.
Medical Imaging Data Collection
We offer access to medical image datasets across many medical specialties such as Radiology, Oncology, Pathology, and others.
Facial Dataset Collection
We provide a collection of facial picture datasets that include facial characteristics, perspectives, and emotions from people.
Video Data Collection
When it comes to video data collection services, Wow AI can provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, resources, and scalability. Our videos are of the greatest quality and are specially designed to fit your needs. Each dataset is created specifically for you.
Human Posture Video Collection
We provide video datasets of diverse human postures like walking, sitting, sleeping, etc. in various lighting circumstances.
CCTV/ Surveillance Video Dataset
We can gather surveillance footage from security cameras to help investigators train and detect people with criminal histories.
Traffic Video Collection
To train your machine learning models, we may collect traffic data from many locations under various lighting conditions and intensities.
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